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Why Are Roads Becoming Dangerous for Pedestrians?

We can give reasons for car accidents, such as the vehicle being on the road and, thus, getting hit by another car for some reason. However, when it comes to pedestrian accidents, there is no exact reason to justify the accident. It is becoming more insecure for pedestrians to be on the road, and also, there are a large number of deaths on the streets that involve pedestrians. These numbers show an alarming sign that the roads are becoming dangerous for pedestrians.  

Various factors increase the risks of pedestrian accidents, and if you are unaware of these reasons, this article is helpful. We will discuss some common factors leading to pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas. You can consult any experienced Las Vegas lawyers to learn more about pedestrian accidents. 

Why are Roads Becoming Dangerous for Pedestrians? 

  • Oversized Vehicles: If oversized vehicles are on the road, then the chances of pedestrian accidents increase. This is because larger vehicles make looking and increasing visibility difficult, thus hitting blind spots. Drivers cannot recognize the blind spots where a pedestrian might be walking. It has been seen that the larger the cars, the more severe accidents can take place, making it an essential factor for pedestrian accidents.   
  • Improper Lane Use: Lane rules are fundamental for vehicles and bicycles to understand. If lanes are not properly used, there is an increased chance of accidents. When a car uses the wrong lanes, it forces pedestrians to come out of their sidewalks on the roads and thus increases the chances of accidents.  
  • Reckless Driving: Reckless driving must not be accepted at any cost, and it is one of the reasons for many accidents, be it pedestrian or car accidents. If drivers are driving with distractions, drinking, or driving, or any other reasons they are increasing their speed, then it can pose a significant hindrance and lead to accidents. Pedestrians become a central spot for such accidents. 
  • Left-Hand Turns: Left-hand turns also cause other significant reasons for accidents. If a pedestrian is walking on the crosswalks and taking a left turn, it might lead to accidents if not taken care of. It majorly happens when both the parties are looking in different directions. 
  • Silent Cars: There is an increase in the number of silent or quiet cars, which is better for the environment and noise pollution. However, it increases the threat for pedestrians who cannot gauge the incoming vehicle and thus leads to accidental situations.

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