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Compensation For Emergency Dental Care After A Car Wreck

If you are familiar with a car wreck and have been in one, you may be aware of the various injuries that can occur, from life-altering traumatic brain injuries to serious nerve damage. However, one type of injury which is often overlooked after an accident is dental damage. In a car accident, you may hit your face against a hard surface, impacting your teeth. 

Recovering from a dental injury caused by a car accident is tough without proper treatment is impossible. However, you may be worried about who pays for your dental visits. Thankfully, you can recover dental emergency costs by filing a personal injury claim. Speak to an attorney today to get answers to personal injury questions

Proving jaw and dental injuries in a car accident claim 

Car accidents are catastrophic and can result in a number of dental injuries, such as broken or chipped teeth, broken jaw, damaged implants, etc. However, if you expect the insurance company to be understanding of your situation and give you the amount you demand, you are wrong. The insurance adjuster will try to blame your dental injuries on anything but the car accident. 

Therefore, it is crucial to gather proof of your injuries as soon as possible. When you realize you have been in a car accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. You should visit your physician as well as your dentist to ensure your teeth are well. A dentist can tell if even one of your teeth has been affected by force or impact resulting from a car accident. 

The dentist will be able to document your injuries and create a report, which should include the immediate cause of your condition. Your attorney will request this document from you later and use it to your advantage in the personal injury claim. 

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Here are some dental conditions that may require the doctor’s attention: 

  • Chipped tooth: A chipped tooth is a condition where a small piece of the enamel falls off. A chipped tooth should be fixed by dental bonding or filling to avoid further damage. 
  • Loose teeth: A loose tooth becomes slightly detached from the bone and continuously loses support if treatment is delayed. 
  • Lost tooth: It is possible that you experience an impact so huge that it causes you to lose a tooth. A lost tooth can still be saved if you can locate it after the accident. 

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