Bankruptcy Fear # 7

I’ll have to explain how this happened to a judge and be grilled by a prosecutor and jury.

Everyone dreads going to court for fear of being in a public forum, with lots of people milling around, listening and watching – but this is absolutely not the rule.

Most people who file bankruptcy never meet a bankruptcy judge. In fact, you may not even need to go to court at all.

Most debtors attend what is called a 341 meeting with their appointed Trustee, and never see the inside of a bankruptcy court room.

The bottom line is the Trustee doesn’t much care how you got into debt.  Bankruptcy is really focused on the benefit you and the society as a whole will get when you are freed from the debt you can’t really pay.

Some people get into debt through bad judgment.  Others get into debt through bad luck.  It doesn’t matter how it happened. All that matters is that you get out of it.

So long as the debt isn’t a result of dishonesty on your part, it can be wiped out in bankruptcy.

While there are many rules in bankruptcy and the process may seem confusing, it is not so difficult that you should avoid the benefits bankruptcy can afford you.

If you have a competent lawyer representing you, the process should be straight forward and your attorney will walk you through what is required of you for your 341 meeting, where your lawyer should be right by your side.